“A Conceptual Product Ad is a mix of creativity and an artistic idea to form a mind-blowing advertisement.”


For this project, I had to create a conceptual product ad. This is the act of telling a story or communicating a concept through the photo and its computer editing to sell a brand or market an idea.

I chose to great a conceptual product ad for Erin Baker’s Handmade Granola. The set up was a wooden bowl of granola, berries, and nuts in milk. The bowl was surrounded by granola and leaves on a white barn wood table.

Here is the original photo I took, basically straight out of camera(except for the added watermark branding).

Nicholas Ledbetter Conceptual product ad original

Here is the edited version. I took the photo into Camera Raw and gave it a few adjustments such rotation, warming up the photo, and giving the photo more contrast and color saturation. I added the logo and the words Handmade Granola under it, and added the Grab a bag text. I chose this font for the graphics because I thought it looked like it went well with the theme and mood of the photo.

Nicholas Ledbetter Conceptual product ad finished edit

Here is my set up shot, to give you an idea of the amount of lighting we had on the product. The constant lights were diffused to give the product a nice soft white light. The white barn wood table is actually just a vinyl matt specially designed for this type of application. The product itself was fake, such as white glue being made to appear like “milk” in the bowl.

Nicholas Ledbetter Conceptual product ad set up

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