Learn the Phone Photography tricks and tips I learned at Yellowstone National Park

Phones have been a useful tool since they were first invented, but today, they are much more than a miraculous way to talk over distances. The phones we have today, like the iPhone 12 I used to take these photos, can be used to watch movies, talk to people on the other side of the world with video conferencing, perform complex processing and calculations, record high definition video, and take amazing photos. Check out these awesome and easy tips for taking great phone photography.

There are a lot of tricks and tips to get great photos with phones. Recently, phone operating systems like iOS have added really advanced featured. This is a panorama photo of a lake in Yellowstone National Park with a great reflection of the mountain. These are really easy to take and create a nice wide angle.

Nicholas Ledbetter Phone Photography Panorama

This is a trick called lens compression. If you stand back and use your figures to zoom in, the background(in this case the mountain) becomes bigger. This makes for great looking photos.

Nicholas Ledbetter Phone Photography Lens Compression Nicholas Ledbetter Phone Photography Non Lens Compression

This is a trick to blur motion. This is a river in Yellowstone. Taking a regular photo is nice, but you can do better. By taking a live photo(and trying to hold still) you can change it to a long exposure photo of the river, smoothing the water for a cool effect. This is an iPhone hack for taking a long exposure photo with a fancy camera.

Nicholas Ledbetter Phone Photography Waterfall Nicholas Ledbetter Phone Photography Long Exposure Waterfall

This is another cool feature the iPhone has. By switching the phone camera into portrait mode, you force the camera to have a low aperture, giving the photo a shallow depth of field. This makes the camera focus on the subject and blur the background for a really cool effect.

Nicholas Ledbetter Phone Photography Portrait Mode

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