My Scan Art Photography Project

For this project, I did Scanography and Composition. I created Scan Art Photography(also known as Scanography) using my home scanner and some things I found around the house. I also used photoshop to create a creative artistic composition using a photo I had taken of a girl sitting on the ground in front of an old truck and bottles of soda appearing to her in a pill of light like an angel would.

For the Scan Art Photography, I laid some things out on the scanner(flowers, a sea shell, a little stuffed animal bunny, a dried crocodile head, and some M&Ms). Once I had everything laying on the scanner, I draped a black jacket over all of it to give it a black background. Some people use a short cardboard box painted black inside to create the black background. After using my computers scanning software to scan the image to my computer, I brought the image into photoshop to remove some dust that was on the scanner glass and to darken the background a little more and get rid of some areas where the jacket was showing. The final piece is below, along with some photos I took of the set up.

Nicholas Ledbetter Scanography or Scan Art Photography

Here is the set up shot of the props laid out on the scanner glass.

Nicholas Ledbetter Set Up shot of Scanography

Here is the set up shot of the black jacket laying on top of the scanner glass with all the props. At this point, I used my computer to take a scan of the props laying down.

Nicholas Ledbetter Set up shot of Scanography and jacket

For the creative composition photo, I wanted to create a picture that sells a story, one that someone could make up in their head or tell when showing the picture to others. This, of course, is the story of a girl being blessed with lemon soda from heaven. This was done in photoshop using the two pictures and a lense flare filter to great the glow around the soda bottles.


Nicholas Ledbetter Composition Photo of Soda appearing before girl

If you liked this project, I recommend you check out where Janet Dwyer talks about Scanography and Composition. She goes over how to use a scanner to get awesome looking photographs.